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Drew Fitchet - Former President

“(DealerMax) has the ability to fit the culture of the various stores that we have here and I'm sure they can do that for any store or whatever culture they have they can adapt to that culture…Any dealer that wants to increase their F&I profits, process in place that is customer centric, do it the right way, no games, very ethical…you gotta go with (DealerMax).” Drew Fitchet - Former President North Penn VW Mazda Colmar, Pa

Michael Smyth - President & CEO

“We took a nothing business and turned it into a $125,000 a month business… Immediately I saw a different culture being created in our stores a culture of attention training and focus that we didn't have prior to (DealerMax) being part of our organization. I think the (DealerMax) team exceeded all of our expectations in terms of their performance within the dealership." Michael Smyth - President & CEO Great Britains Auto Group Main Line Jaguar, Land Rover Willow Grove Land Rover

Rick Dorschel – President

“When we first started, our back-ends were $500-$600 and, (60 days later) we are north of $800…(DealerMax) was recommended to us. We did our due diligence we visited some stores who were (DealerMax) stores talked to the dealers talk to the sales managers found that the training was superior. I made the decision…their training was superior…and I can tell you that the needle moved immediately.” Rick Dorschel – President Dorschel Automotive Group Rochester, NY 8 Franchises

Warren Lewis - President

“They committed with some of the adjustments that we were going to make that we were going to improve our PVR by $350 and that has happened…I stick with (DealerMax) because they're good people. I value their relationship with me I can trust them and at the end of the day all you can ask for in a business relationship is one that you trust each other and you both add value to each other and for me (DealerMax) has consistently done that.” Warren L Klick Lewis Chevrolet Palmyra, Pa

Bill Kassner - Owner Operator

“Across the group we've seen an increase in over $300 per copy which is significant…In my opinion (DealerMax) is the only company out there that truly understands the customer experience is paramount to the future success of the F&I process…You HAVE TO take the time out to listen to them. I've been listening to them for 24 years.” Bill Kassner - Owner Operator Chapman Ford Mazda Egg Harbor, NJ Chapman Auto Group 7 Locations

Jason Owens – Owner

“Its amazing, usually the higher the gross the lower the CSI, we've been the complete opposite...our CSI has never been higher. Our customers are protected, we’re making money and they’re absolutely thrilled….It’s a team effort and when their team is in our house they're part of our team there respectful that way they treat it like their team and you know the neat part is it always allows me to be the boss." Jason Owens – Owner Patriot Auto Group 3 Locations, Limerick, Boyerstown Pa

Gene Niconovich - Former President and CEO

“We’ve more than doubled the PVR. I would consider the (DealerMax) team not just a vendor that comes and sprinkles some pixie dust and leaves, there a team member, they’re part of the CarSense family…Listen to the (DealerMax) folks and consider what's possible...If they do tell you that they're going to X will get X Plus. I would give them a chance, I'm glad I did.” Gene Niconovich - Former President and CEO Car Sense Used Car Superstore 5 Locations

"Once leadership buys in, their people buy in and they begin to unlock their potential."

Jim Maxim, Founder


Success Stories

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