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Insurian is revolutionizing consumer protection products for Auto Dealers, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions.

By combining a digital approach with the highest quality products, Insurian brings a suite of products with unique benefits for auto industry professionals to assist in the following areas:

- market differentiation

- profit generation

- loyalty

- referrals








InsurianVRP™ is the first and only vehicle return plan that can be purchased as a stand-alone product at the time a loan or lease is originated. 

As leasing has grown in popularity and will continue to do so as more and more consumers explore leasing as a viable option. Insurian has developed LeaseVRP™ to specifically address the needs of lease customers to better protect themselves as well as provide a profitable product for your dealership or leasing company.

Insurian saw that the GAP market was in turmoil so we took innovative steps to fix it. We took all the best coverage options of a traditional GAP product and combined it with key benefits from our InsurianVRP™ product suite and made the best GAP product in the world: LifeGAP

  • InsurianVRP

  • Lease Wrap

  • Life Gap



Losing a job, getting an illness, or other unexpected challenges can be more than inconvenient...they can be life changing!


  • Involuntary Unemployment

  • International Employment Transfer

  • Permanent Change of Station (Military)

  • Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy

  • Loss of Driver's License Due to Illness or Injury

  • Physical Disability

  • Accidental Death

Vehicle Return policy offers customers a complimentary 1-year worry-free protection using a dealer branded program:

  • Return your vehicle Free yourself from payments

  • Positively eliminate your loan

  • Protect your credit

  • Purchase with confidence

  • Optional upgrade to 3 months or full term

  • Attract new customers

  • Increases volume

  • Creates loyalty & retention

  • Increase customers confidence

  • Provides benefit when customers need most

  • Tool for retaining dealership finance penetration

  • Customizable "Complimentary VRP

  • Program" to build brand and separate your dealership from competition:
    "...Advantage - Buy with Confidence"
    "...Assurance: Purchase with Piece of Mind"
    "...Guaranteed Vehicle Return"
    "...Promise - If you become involuntary unemployed simply return the vehicle"
    "...For a Smarter Worry-Free Loan”

  • Excellent upsell opportunities

    • Full-term

    • Life Gap


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