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There can be dramatic differences between traditional dealerships and 1-Price stores, or even between the locations in a Dealer Group.


Our Profit By Design® system allows our experts to work side-by-side with your team to build a partnership that yields the results in a manner that is consistent with the overall strategy and vision for the dealership, or dealer group. Relationship yields results.

We are your dealership's culture change agent. 




We listen to your goals and objectives while working to understand the selling culture, processes, and value systems you have at your store. We’ve had many clients where ownership's vision for selling culture was much different than the reality of what was actually happening on the showroom floor.


We’ve worked with such dealers to reinforce the desired culture through our F&I schools, goal setting, and in store training.  You are always in control as we work together to attain the objectives you want, within the context of your dealerships culture, we can facilitate your success and the success of your people---


the way you’d like it done.






One of the primary factors found in our success in consulting with dealers is the ability to align our system into the culture of the stores we are working in. Many other vendors in this arena employ a cookie-cutter approach to the F&I process—as known as “one size fits all.” 

 "DealerMax impacted our dealership's culture"

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