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We help dealers discover, develop, and deploy the best process that fits with their goals. Whether working through a traditional process where or a once price model, we help dealers communicate a brand-cohesive customer experience by designing a philosophy that permeates every consumer touch-point in the buying experiences.

Below is a high-level comparison of Traditional and Single Point processes to inform you if Single Point is right for you! 

  • Streamlined Sales Process for the Customer

  • No “Back-Log” in the F&I Office

  • Faster Sales/Delivery Process

  • Customers Like the Single Point of Contact Approach

  • Customers Give Higher CSI Scores

  • Exceptional Customer Experience

  • Customer is in Control of the Process

  • Create a “Hassle-Free” Culture

  • Reduce Variable Operations Cost

  • Simplified, yet Personalized Care, for Increased Retention



DealerMax works with dealers using traditional dealer process as well as the our proprietary Single Point Process, our proprietary "one price" system, to deliver the best experience for our dealers and their customers.



Dealer Process


Creates a system focus, promoting a “specialist” approach to the sales process. It is successful and seamless for customers when multiple well-trained staff manage each step and hand-off well.

MANAGEMENT - Management of the sales cycle is different per dealer, more complex & involved requiring engagement time for customers. Requires solid scheduling to eliminate backups in the F&I process. Dedicated F&I Professionals, Combo Sales + Admin, Compliance, Process, Paperwork, CIT Management, impact of training is quicker.


TRAINING - Moderate effort, but requires highly-trained sales and F&I managers for achieving high CSI, all managers must also possess customer satisfaction skills.

EXPERIENCE - Performance risk relies fewer individuals, turnover, higher comp model. Requires smooth hand-off processes. The cycle continuously moves through steps and individuals and can be positive to consumers because they experience fresh faces, yet it also requires retelling the customer to these multiple people – and where customers are asked to retell their car-buying and shopping story. When management has a great process to reduce bottlenecks and duplication in such an approach, these multiple steps can enhance the sales experience. From vehicle selection to F&I to physical delivery, a well-designed customer experience will help the seams feel seamless and positively affect the CSI score. Customers can maintain that critical feeling of control when the sales processes are communicated at the onset and reinforced throughout the journey.


Creates a branded experience, consistent at every touch-point, from “meet and greet” through the entire sales process and into service, the customer is handheld by the Auto Advisor.

MANAGEMENT - Customer-friendly, lower variable ops cost, performance risk is spread, often associated with one-price models. An Auto Advisor can competently engage customers and shepherd them through finance and alleviate dependence on a single individual or department for the sales function. Eliminates backlogs that waste time and frustrate buyers. The dealership completes as many deliveries in an hour as it has Auto Advisors. Creates a “hassle-free” culture that contributes to reduced variable operations costs. Sales commissions are allocated across the Auto Advisor team, and their team leads supporting this process. Delivery service excellence stands out at a lower cost to the dealership.

TRAINING - Heavy effort as sales staff needs the admin layer for paperwork and compliance. The Auto Advisor manages the entire process requiring thorough training across all functions. The dealership benefits from cross-trained staff and the creation of healthy competition.


EXPERIENCE - By reducing the everyday delays completing transaction paperwork, dealers eliminate the No. 1 complaint from customers - time! The customer only share their story once and enjoy the personal attention in a streamlined process where they feel in control from the first contact and through to vehicle delivery, in as little as 60 minutes. The process is repeatable, consistent and enhanced by the mere fact that the customer directs the process. This flow and consistency translate into a better customer experience, CSI, and “Worry-Free Ownership”.

Car Park
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