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Achieving optimal profitability is the cumulative result of thousands of operational elements aligned and working in harmony. While every dealership is different, we know the fundamentals factors that every dealer needs to get right.  





Financial Goals: Proper design leads to higher goal achievement. We look at your market, franchise, sales volume, and transaction mix (new-to-used) and (finance, lease, cash), state restrictions, pricing guidelines and craft a tailored set of recommended products, product pricing and product penetrations necessary to achieve these financial goals.


Training: Identification of key employees as change agents and growth opportunities for next level training, career growth, future management.

Process: Dissect each step of the sales and finance process to identify opportunities for enhancements and to enhance the consumer experience, optimize workflow, compliance, and profitability.


Performance: Accountability and management processes to continually improve performance. Weekly Training, Monthly Recaps and Quarterly Business Reviews built in to plan and communicate effectively.


Products: Products to be sold throughout the sales process, retail pricing strategies, certified offerings, and vehicle differentiators.

Technology: Identification of critical software solutions, dependencies and installation timing and training necessary to implement fundamental sales process on each transaction.

X-Factors: Legal, compliance, administrative, strategic, mandatory policies, dealership practices, tenured employees, owner pre-dispositions, vendor relationships.

Service Model: DealerMax leverages its experience and core consulting framework to identify, plan and present an optimal dealership strategy moving forward to create an exceptional customer experience and benchmark financial returns. DealerMax will present benchmark performance data and case study examples in core areas of consideration to exemplify process impacts. The Company will identify areas to overhaul, modify or re-purpose certain sales processes and ask for management buy-in. Our agreement outlines the service levels you can expect from our staff, monthly training hours, communication and account management.


Strategic Plan: Our dealer partners collaborate, review, change, modify and ultimately approve the final set of Primary Performance Drivers (People, Process, Pay Plan, Accountability, Products and Technology) that DealerMax will utilize to effectuate change and ultimately financial performance within the dealership. DealerMax delivers a well-documented, strategic plan that becomes our fundamental roadmap for our future together.


Curriculum Development: DealerMax constructs a tailored series of training programs and curriculum designed to optimize your processes from the digital handshake online all the way through F&I delivery. The DealerMax System is comprehensive set of training programs designed to reinforce your processes and deliver on your goals. Delivered online, in-dealership or in-classroom your new hires and veterans alike will engage and takeaway industry best practices designed to impact your business.


  • Reinsurance

  • Performance HR Talent & Resources

  • Single Point of Contact

  • Traditional F&I Strategies

  • Brand Value


  • Per Vehicle Retail Profitability (PVR) $$$

  • Process Optimization

  • Well-Trained Employees

  • Compliance

  • Customer Satisfaction

Our dealer products and services partners bring innovation, customer service, and commitment to excellence. Dealers love our providers - especially those profitable reinsurance and dealer-owned warranty companies - with serious long-term wealth building implications and preferential tax treatment.


Ultimately we are hired for one thing - profit per vehicle sold - PVR. 


We drive results through our proven consulting framework know as Profit By Design.
Through the Profit By Design framework, we design and align your way to optimal profitability. 


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