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E x c e l l e n c e   T h r o u g h   E q u i t y



The automotive industry is changing lanes. In this moment, the best players can choose to continue creating wealth for others or drive their own destiny and live the American dream!


Over the next 5 years, DealerMax will invest in 100 partners with a turn-key and proven system that optimizes your success. We are looking for industry experts, ready for delivering rapid result in their markets.

Are you ready to press the accelerator on your career?

DealerMax began decades ago as a small family business 
to become a national success.
We understand, embrace,
and lead in the high-performance culture found in the
automotive industry.

That is why we have developed our unique Partner Development Program to attract like-minded A players 
who possess the X-factor! 

Together we are opening up new markets, growing our influence, helping dealers, and rewarding success with equity in a business we build together. 

Business Handshake

Market Qualifications

  • Must lived in targeted geographic market for +5 year with commitment for long-term

  • Advanced localized knowledge of the automotive marketplace in territory

  • Established market reputation with dealers in identified market

  • Solid references from customers and supervisors

Personal Qualifications

  • Military or college degree 

  • Passion for local community

  • Long-term thinker passionate about F&I training and consulting

  • Personal integrity, self-starter, acquisition minded, ability to lead

Professional Qualifications

  • 20-years of experience (+10 in automotive sector)

  • Automotive retail background (Sales, F&I, GSM, GM)

  • Previous employment with F&I training and development company  (been there and done it)

  • Proven and seasoned dealership sales and acquisitions expert (hunter-killer)

  • Seasoned income development consultant

  • Experience dealership trainer both in class room and one-on-one

  • Professional account management experience, managed dealer principal relations

  • Demonstrable self-discipline with strong internal motivation and drive

  • Built and managed a team of people multiple times

  • Long-term focused driver with passion to build a business in their local market and give back to the community

Growth through partnership model demands highest talent identification and acquisition in each market

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