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DealerMax is growing! We are looking for top talent to join us in our mission to serve the dealer community with best-in-class solutions.


Over the next 5 years, we have plans to grow our business into new markets, adding new services, and bringing on new dealer clients. That growth is already underway and NOW is the moment to jump in!


DealerMax began over 40 years ago as a small family business to become a national success at several levels of the automotive industry. We understand, embrace, and lead in the high-performance culture found in the automotive industry. We are looking for multiple levels of support for our growth now and into the future.


DealerMax is looking for talented people of high-integrity, and a personal drive toward excellence. This person gets the mission and does what it takes to accomplish it in a way that consistent with our values and brand. He/She can adapt to the demands of our dealers, their culture, and the opportunities/challenges in real-time. Stellar communication skills and the ability to advocate, analyze, and achieve goals are a must at all levels. 


  • B2B Auto Dealer Salesperson
    A true sales professional that will take our company story and capabilities and deliver consistent best-in class sales strategies and presentations in an effort to get us to the decision maker.


  • Income Development Manager
    A junior professional, designed to come in, learn our systems, programs, products and strategies, who will be paired with our top producers in an effort to get them up to full capability able to handle accounts on their own.


  • VP of Training & Development
    Professional speaker, trainer, curriculum developer that has the ability to manage individual accounts and complex relationships. Over time to design consistent online, classroom and showroom content.  Train-the-Trainers by providing fresh new concepts, training, exercises, thoughts weekly for store deployment and online library creation.