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90% of companies across all industries are being overcharged and overpaying every month on non-payroll costs. The need for expert eyes on expenses and the skills to protect from operational overages is greater than ever.

P3 Cost Analysts team of cost reduction consultants offer more than 150 years of combined expertise. We deliver our clients a risk-free opportunity to immediately add this expertise to their organization. Our work is complex, but the program is simple: 50% fee for the savings we produce. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. We ensure dealers are spending money accurately, efficiently, and negotiate industry benchmark rates on your behalf. Count on P3 to count the pennies.

  • Expense reduction

  • Overcharge recovery

  • Contract renegotiation

  • Ongoing operational cost analysis

  • Benchmark rate comparison


Dealers can reduce, recover, and renegotiate their expenses - all without out-of-pocket costs to the dealer. Money saved is money earned. Reducing expenses directly impacts profitability.




A regional automotive dealership covers nine locations with significant utility, telecom, waste/recycling expenses. They recognized the need for third-party category experts to verify these expenses, generate refunds, and reduce overcharges. The client also sought to improve cash flow and reinvest any savings back into their day-to-day operations.

REAL RESULTS: $200,000

P3 discovered hidden fee errors on invoices that had resulted overcharges. Our team knew the tax error should be refunded back to the point of error, going back 7+ years. After months of behind the scenes work with the vendor, we were able to secure a $25,000 refund. Over the last 7+ years of working with this client, we have generated savings of over $200,000 on their waste, telecom, and utility expenses. This includes over $30,000 in cash refunds due to utility and telecom billing errors.



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