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  • Each party is committed to the goals  outlined together.

  • Proper working relationship is established at the corporate level and operator level to implement the programs and processes that the dealer principal has established.

  • Consistent F&I Process and Policy is established across the organization.

  • Results and Process are monitored hand-in-hand together and driven by the operator




  • A commitment to hiring the best people available and to provide them the training and opportunity for success. 

  • Holding our people accountable to the F&I Process and Policy set forth by the dealer.

  • Combine people’s best strengths with our best processes but never settle for second best in letting an F&I Manager dictate what they will or will not do based on their preference. 



  • Structure, consistency and accountability.  Whatever the process that is decided upon holding people accountable to it is paramount.
  • 300% Rule:  Every Product, Every Customer, Every Time. Without Fail No Exceptions.
  • Interview, Menu and Disclosure Waiver.
  • Full Disclosure throughout transactions: Regulation Z, Adverse Action Notice, Fair Credit etc.​


  • Pay for performance.  Reward Goal Achievement.  Hold Contests Monthly By Store & Corporate.
  • Separate percentage payouts on product sales and reserve sales.
  • Pay people based on your goals:  PVR and Product Penetration.
  • Include GSM’s in the equation… they control 50% of the back-end PVR based on deal structure.​



  • Monthly Operator/F&I meetings at each dealership to review process and performance and to tweak plan moving forward.

  • Monthly roundtable meeting discussions to review results and best practices (Leader Board).

  • Create a culture of report review and goal tracking from day 1 in the month.

  • Identify areas of weakness for training support.



  • Decide on the right product mix for each location.

  • Alter Menu by vehicle sales transaction (Finance, Lease and Cash)

  • Determine the process used to present products.  For example:

- Delivery Ticket utilized by sales prior to F&I T/O  

- Assumptive sale on Vehicle Etching

- Maintenance wrap around VSC.  Assume a two for one product sale every time.

  • Ensure that there is 100% product presentation via F&I Menu.

  • Pick the top four product that will be sold and commit to a penetration % in that category




  • We employ state of the art technology that allows us to analyze the breakdown of profitability in the sales and F&I process.

  • Digital Menus - Using PCs, Tablets, Touchscreens, customers learn about products they need in an engaging and frictionless process. 

  • Custom Reporting - Many of our dealers sign up for daily or weekly reporting emails that provide all of the data necessary to truly understand the profitability, strengths, and weaknesses of the sales and F&I process. 

  • Electronic Contracting

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For decades we have served dealerships of every size and type, all over the nation. We have found that there are seven primary areas of focus that ensure the longevity of a sustainable and profitable F&I process.

"People are your best assets. How much do you invest in your best assets?"

- Jim Maxim, Founder

7 Success Factors

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