We guide dealers in communicating a brand-cohesive customer experience by designing a philosophy and value proposition from “meet and greet” through the entire sales process and into service.

The Single Point Process is a culture that permeates every consumer touch-point in your dealership. 

  • Streamlined Sales Process for the Customer

  • No “Back-Log” in the F&I Office

  • Faster Sales/Delivery Process

  • Customers Like the Single Point of Contact Approach

  • Customers Give Higher CSI Scores

  • Exceptional Customer Experience

  • Customer is in Control of the Process

  • Create a “Hassle-Free” Culture

  • Reduce Variable Operations Cost

  • Simplified, yet Personalized Care, for Increased Retention



Profit By Design are the true pioneers of the One Price model with our proprietary Single Point Process,that draws on over 40 years of automotive experience.



Single Point Process

"It's all about managing a process."

- Jim Maxim, Founder


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