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Success Comes from Aligning Your Business – Not the Stars

It was 2018, Philadelphia experienced an epic moment...the “Birds” won! But with all the variables to account for, were the Eagles relying on cosmic luck, good fan vibes, or something else?

The truth is, that for any organization to succeed, whether in professional sports or your dealership, there are professionals executing a plan that converts the impossible into the predictable, reliable, repeatable, and sustainable.

Is your dealership hoping for the “stars to align” for every deal or are you executing a professional, holistic plan to achieve monthly results?

Many dealerships are relying heavily on a few key players without realizing the exposure that creates if the player moves on. Some dealers try a “cookie cutter” approach that doesn’t consider the way their specific dealership does business. Though dealerships may have great people who can mount a one-off win, they don’t know how to align people, process, and performance. What can be done to bring out award-winning performance that goes directly to their bottom-line?

Real results don’t come from just adding one good element to a bad plan. What successful dealers have developed is a unified team made of complementary strengths, that share a commitment to the preparation, accountability, and meeting goals. The results dealers need is a culture of success made up of 10,000 little ingredients… or rather, agreements.

The cultural agreements already exist in a dealership. However, they are often unplanned, invisible and allow for predictably bad results. By codifying the right agreements, dealers can develop processes that promote institutional integrity. Then, onboarding new recruits, sharpening veterans, and managing a system of accountability help dealers win and keep winning.

One system that has helped dealers keep winning is the Single Point Process. It is a comprehensive, cohesive, and customer-centric strategy that aligns everything from “meet and greet”, through the entire sales process, and into service. The Single Point Process is about designing a philosophy and value proposition that permeates every customer touch-point throughout the dealership. Dealers communicate their brand quality in every aspect of the transaction experience, keeping the customers coming back.

Here are just some of the areas enhanced through the Single Point Process;

· Streamlines the Sales Process for the Customer

· No “Back-Log” in the F&I Office

· Faster Sales/Delivery Process

· Relationship Building with a Single Point of Contact

· Higher CSI Scores

· Exceptional Customer Experience

· Customer is in Control of the Process

· Creates a “Hassle-Free” Culture

· Reduces Variable Operations Cost

· Simplified, yet Personalized Care, for Increased Retention

Not only does the Single Point Process change the customer interactions, it enhances your culture by informing what your people can professionally expect from each other. Transparency and accountability ensure that everything that needs to be addressed is addressed…and nothing out of compliance can hide.

The best coaches have the experience, the tools, and the know-how to bring out the best in players and teams. As you consider designing your dealer’s dynasty, use a customizable, holistic strategy that replaces luck with sustainable excellence.

Let's partner together to design the system that scores for your dealership!

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