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DealerMax Announces Expansion to New Tier of Dealer-Centric Advisory Services

November 17, 2021, DealerMax HQ Berwyn PA

DealerMax announced today the launch of DealerMax Advisory Services, offering three new suites of services to advance the mission of maximizing dealer results.

In its unprecedented expansion, DealerMax becomes the first national agent to offer dealers a scope of wealth-building solutions that extends beyond, but integrates with, the expert F&I profitability strategies DealerMax is known for throughout the industry.

DealerMax Advisory Services represents a strategic partnership with Audientis and its retail automotive vertical of offerings. DealerMax Advisory Services has three primary channels:

  • “CFO on the Go/CFO Outsource” – Serving dealers needing integrated support for strategic debt (sourcing, competitive rates, and market terms), vendor consolidation and price reductions, risk management (premium reduction, risk financing, eliminating coverage exclusions, and achieving long-term financial goals with F&I profit opportunities via Reinsurance, Retros, and DOWCs without the cost of a full time CFO.

  • “M&A Services (Dealer Buy/Sell Advisory)” – Serving dealers looking for expansion/exit strategy planning services, including expert valuation, negotiation, pricing, and structuring as well as planning for estate and succession.

  • “Family Office” – Serving dealers looking to protect their assets, wealth, and legacy, as well as tax minimization and business risk management.

“This historic window of time has created opportunities for dealers who know how to see them and who are prepared to act. There has never been a more important moment to prepare for the next phase of life and business. In one call, dealers explore every option, guided by experts.” – Scott Naugle, CEO/Founder of Dealer Zeus

These new advisory services build upon over four decades of vetting providers to bring only the best solutions to the dealer community. And remaining consistent with the DealerMax approach to business, these new services are tailored to meet the goals of each and every dealer and nearly all of them are able to be accomplished with ZERO out-of-pocket startup costs for the dealer. “That is the DealerMax way….to deliver best solutions that help dealer envision, execute, and ensure their legacy.”, said Jim Maxim Jr. President of DealerMax

Dealers now have an unparalleled array of choices to help them manage their business, expand their footprint, increase profits and cash generated, and/or make a profitable exit from the automotive business. By layering in financial analysis and

expertise from top-experts, dealers have access to the true holistic insights to make and execute plans – both for business objectives and personal goals. And when these dealer-centric services are integrated into the agent relationship, the power of F&I profit is full-realized when understood in the context of valuation.

“If dealers increase their F&I profits just $300 per unit retailed, assuming the F&I manager takes 15%, and a selling dealer’s exit multiple is 4-7, the dealer could see $2,893,485 in Blue Sky value on exit. We have done the math and it’s incredible. The best part is DealerMax client’s PVR increases range from $500 to $2500 per copy. F&I yields real wealth when managed properly.” – Jim Maxim Jr., President of DealerMax

In this moment of industry change, pandemic, and supply-chain challenges, DealerMax Advisory Service’s new tier of solutions drives the critical profitability dealers require. DealerMax Advisory Services comes alongside dealers with the expertise to navigate these changes, discover untapped profit opportunities, and innovate beyond the F&I space.

With DealerMax Advisory Services, DealerMax continues its forty-year legacy of offering dealers premium access to best-in-class solutions designed for them to make more, keep more, and manage less.

“The biggest challenge is that dealers don’t know what they don’t know. We are bringing decades of financial expertise and market strategy to empower dealers and maximize their results with this unique scope of service.” – Jim Maxim Jr., President of DealerMax

About DealerMax

For over 40 years, DealerMax has been on a mission to maximize results for dealers. DealerMax's trusted retail strategies, comprehensive training, tailored support, and award-winning technologies transform dealer profitability. OEMs, dealer groups, and independent dealerships across the nation integrate DealerMax solutions into their culture and operations to achieve optimal and sustainable success. DealerMax custom-aligns dealer-centric solutions with best-in-class product options, including the #1 brand in F&I, #1 DOCW in the industry, #1 innovative & exclusive product, and #1 network of proven providers. The impact includes increases in PVR, CSI, penetration, and long-term wealth building so dealers can make more, keep more, and manage less. With DealerMax’s strategic profit-building programs, dealers can see 4-7X value for their dealerships and truly “multiply with F&I”.

Discover the PVR power of DealerMax at

About Audientis

Audientis is a family advising firm committed to helping family businesses realize their objectives. Audientis' mission is to provide information, advice, and solutions that allow our clients to make educated decisions and ultimately reach their financial goals. Since founding Audientis in 2002, Bill Pergolini has combined his experience and knowledge to provide business owners and senior management teams with strategic planning advice. Audientis attributes much of its success as a boutique financial consulting firm to the holistic approach taken for each client and the ability to combine the personal and business goals of each client to maximize financial efficiency. Please reach out to Bill Pergolini at 770-653-1156 or

About Audientis Automotive Advisors

Audientis Automotive Advisors advises buyers or sellers on business valuation, negotiation, pricing and structuring of transactions, arranging financing, franchise application and approval, as well as procedure and implementation. In addition to providing representation through a transaction, Audientis Auto is a private and personal financial services firm with that provides inter-related and inter-dependent business services including Estate and Tax Planning, Real Estate Development, Succession Planning, Raising Capital, and managing Banking Relations. Please reach out to Scott Naugle at 609-410-9271 or or Stephen Jones at 917-484-1246 or

About Dealer Zeus

Dealer Zeus provides an outsourced/consultative solution at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. Experience matters. Scott Naugle is your CFO on the Go. He has been a senior financial executive for over 25 years and has led the financial discipline for three of the largest dealership groups in the United States, working under multiple ownership structures, including private equity, a public company, and multi-generational families. This gives Scott unique perspectives that pave a pathway to success for his clients. Dealer Zeus provides a full menu of dealership financial services. Engagements can be turnkey or project-specific in scope. Please reach out to Scott Naugle at 609-410-9271 or

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