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The traditional F&I process found in many dealerships throughout the country is inherently confrontational and often times leads to poor CSI scores. Many dealers are afraid to change this process because the large percentage of contribution that is derived from the F&I department and most dealerships simply couldn’t survive without it. We refer to this as “The F&I Paradox”

Dealer Challenges

CURRENT CLIMATE: Deters Customers


  • Customers do not enjoy the delivery process and interaction with F&I

  • Attorney Generals prosecute the dealers and captive lenders because of the process

  • Manufacturers CSI scores are hurt because of the process

  • Dealers can't survive without gross from the process but they want customers for life

  • The Process is largely managed by a person whose income is determined by gross


DealerMax believes that increased customer satisfaction and increased back-end gross are not conflicting goals. With the right people, training, and tools, it's not only possible to have both, but we have proven it to deliver results. Our system turns the F&I Paradox upside down and all parties benefit without compromising customers or profitability.

"Its amazing, usually the higher the gross the lower the CSI, we’ve been the complete opposite."


Jason Owens – Owner

Patriot Auto Group

2 Locations, Limerick, Boyerstown Pa











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