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DealerMax began decades ago as a small
family business to become a national success.

We understand, embrace, and lead in the high-performance culture found in the automotive industry.

That is why we have developed our unique Partnership Program to attract A players with the X-factor! 

Together we are opening up new markets, growing our influence, helping dealers, and rewarding success with equity in a business we build together.   


DealerMax is looking to invest in top talent, to equip them with training, tools, and technology to build our shared dream.


Market Qualifications

  • Must lived in targeted geographic market for +5 year with commitment for long-term

  • Advanced localized knowledge of the automotive marketplace in territory

  • Established market reputation with dealers in identified market

  • Solid references from customers and supervisors

Personal Qualifications

  • Military or college degree 

  • Passion for local community

  • Long-term thinker passionate about F&I training and consulting

  • Personal integrity, self-starter, acquisition minded, ability to lead

Professional Qualifications

  • 20-years of experience (+10 in automotive sector)

  • Automotive retail background (Sales, F&I, GSM, GM)

  • Previous employment with F&I training and development company  (been there and done it)

  • Proven and seasoned dealership sales and acquisitions expert (hunter-killer)

  • Seasoned income development consultant

  • Experience dealership trainer both in class room and one-on-one

  • Professional account management experience, managed dealer principal relations

  • Demonstrable self-discipline with strong internal motivation and drive

  • Built and managed a team of people multiple times

  • Long-term focused driver with passion to build a business in their local market and give back to the community

Growth through partnership model demands highest talent identification and acquisition in each market